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Home Insulation provides Mid North Coast households with the highest quality installation of insulating products at a fraction of the price of commercial alternatives.

We proudly help our customers in the Mid North Coast region who are looking to improve their energy rating , combat rising energy bills and avoid paying too much for a lesser quality product and service.

With several years of experience in professionally installing a range of products such as insulative wraps, down-light protection as well as ceiling, wall and underfloor batts to new and existing homes, Home Insulation can guarantee to:


  • Use only the highest quality materials ( CSR Gold insulation products, boasting a 5 star energy rating)

  • Keep your home up to 7°C cooler in summer and up to 10°C warmer in winter

  • Save you around 45% of the cost of heating and cooling your home

  • Pay for itself in 3-4 years

  • Meet the highest Australian insulation standards

  • Provide excellent fire resistance


No matter the season, insulating your home is a smart and sustainable choice you won't regret!

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Ceiling Insulation installed into a existing home